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'City Break' is the new EP from North East Country Singer/Songwriter Jack Mylchreest. This 4 track concept compilation comes fresh of the success of his Debut EP last year, this time telling the story of Jack's recent travels in the post-pandemic world. Ranging from New York to Amsterdam these toe-tapping, country infused tracks form the next step of Jack's musical evolution. The EP is available to Stream, on Vinyl, and on CD.


Jack Mylchreest is a prodigious young country songwriter from the North East of England. He has spent the last 6 years building his livelihood as a working musician, performing in a variety of venues around the North East including The Stack, The Cluny and The Hard Rock Cafe.

Jack released his Debut EP 'In My Stride' on September 30th 2022. Despite being his first original release, the single 'Safe With You' reached No.5 in the iTunes UK Country chart, and the EP was described as a collection of 'Anthemic stadium sounds & bluesy barnstormers' by Narc Magazine. Jack is now ready to put fresh music into the world, further strengthening his ties to the Country/Rock genre that he loves so dearly, and this new EP does just that.

This time around Jack has put together a 4 track concept EP, called 'City Break', it's theme being travel. Jack loves to visit new places, both with friends and with his partner Sophie. Following the COVID lockdowns, he was eager to get back out into the world, so this release documents some of those recent trips. Ranging from Wales to Amsterdam, from Newcastle to New York, each track in this collection has it's own story to tell.

The opener 'Road Trip in the Rain' is a lighthearted country track, conceived during a drive down to Wales. It's simple message being that it doesn't matter where we're going, I'm just glad that I'm going with you. It's upbeat drums, radio ready guitars, and catchy chorus kick off the EP with the energy it needs. 

Next up is 'Through the Glass'. A departure from the lighthearted nature of the previous track, this song has a much darker character to it, telling the story of a lust-fueled night in Amsterdam's Red Light District. The vocal takes a simpler role here, with the tom-filled drums and roaring guitars taking the lead, this one packs a punch.

We then move into the more romantic half of the EP, starting with 'Luckiest Man Alive'. The first of two numbers detailing Jack's trip to New York, this one focuses on a night he spent in Hoboken, NJ with Sophie. It's a first-person retelling of their evening together, the fun they had, and how lucky he feels to get these times with her. With a strong beat from start to finish, and a smooth guitar lick that just keeps coming back for another round, It's a sure toe-tapper.

Finally we close out with a love ballad, 'NYC'. This one, as it's name suggests, focuses on the starstruck feeling of finally visiting a city you've seen on screen for so many years, and getting to do it with someone you love. It's a departure from the other 3 before it in it's arrangement, with a more soul-inspired piano and guitar arrangement, backed up by some brushes and a violin. It's the perfect way to reflect on the stories told throughout this EP, and leaves the listener feeling like they've been on a journey together with Jack himself. 

Jack is immensely proud of what this release has become, and cannot wait for everyone to hear it. He recently ran a successful Kickstarter Campaign to fund a limited physical run of the release on classic 10" vinyl, just like EPs in the old days.






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