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'Safe With You' is the Debut Single from North East country artist Jack Mylchreest. The song stems from Jack's battle with anxiety, and the impact one person can make to someone's life. With a simple lyric and constant beat, the song gets it's message across plain and simply, while giving you something to tap your foot to. The song is available on all streaming platforms from March 25th 2022, and can be heard below.

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About Jack Mylchreest

Jack Mylchreest is a prodigious young country songwriter from the North East of England. He has spent the last 5 years building his livelihood as a working musician, performing in a variety of venues around the North East including the Stack, the Cluny and the Hard Rock Cafe. He loves his work, but has long dreamed of entering the world of original music as an artist, and with this new release he is finally ready to do just that.

'Safe With You' was chosen as Jack's Debut release due to how personal the song is to him and his life, so much so that it had been kept in his songwriting vault for quite a while; it was only after his producer's feedback following a live session that Jack had the courage to bare his soul to the world, and finally put out the track that meant so much to him.

Jack hopes that this release can give him the momentum he needs to get his foot in the door of original music, gathering him a fanbase for which he has much more planned throughout the remainder of 2022.

One thing is for sure, Jack is just getting started.






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